Daily Routine

I have been at war with my skin for about a decade now. When my acne first showed up in the middle school, I tried the Proactive for over a year with no real reduction in my blemishes. My blemishes were not as severe as many people, but their constant presence was a real blow to my fragile teenage ego. My acne has not gone away with age, but I have tried plenty of non-prescription products and these are what has worked best for me. In the past couple years, these affordable products have made my acne hardly noticeable, especially once I apply my make up.


St. Ives Blemish Control Acne Scrub

I use this scrub twice daily, once during my morning shower and once at night (after removing my make up with a towelette).


Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner

I also use this toner twice daily, after washing my face with the scrub.


Kroger (Smith’s store brand) Aloe Vera Gel

After using my scrub and toner at bedtime, I apply aloe vera to my face, chest, and upper back.


Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash

This is my preferred body wash. My skin has never, ever been this soft before!

Everyone’s skin is different, but these are what I’ve found to work for my skin after a lot of trial and error. A few other tips for reducing your acne:

  • Change your pillowcase often
  • If (heaven forbid!) you pop a pimple, clean it thoroughly and apply antibiotic ointment to it before bed
  • Spot treat developing blemishes with mint toothpaste
  • After getting sweaty from physical activity, shower as soon as possible (to avoid clogging pores)

I hope I can help somebody out there with these recommendations!

(P.S. Drawings of products are by me.)


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