My Life


The story is that I was suffocating in Cache Valley and completely burnt out after one and a half years at my job (working with adults with special needs). So instead of continuing to be miserable, I was brave and completely changed things up by setting off for life in big ol’ Salt Lake City.

My new job is at Shabby Apple, a fabulous clothing store that sells vintage-inspired dresses and skirts – it’s basically perfect for me, right? I get to wear amazing clothes and help other women to feel amazing, too! Here are a few of my favorites from Shabby Apple:

SHABBY_APPLE_BLACK_WHITE6285__14811.1444463883.454.682 Shabby_Apple_Central_Park_Dress_Yellow_2__62856.1420520539.454.682 SHABBY_APPLE_UTAH_2495__20777.1438327647.454.682shabby_apple_aussie_afternoon_outback_dress_1__07978.1414100844.454.682SHABBY_APPLE_ZULILY4778__46671.1443855543.454.682It’s will take me a little while to get settled in to my new routine, but I’ll try to take care of this blog, too. There are  plenty of gorgeous looks in Shabby Apple clothes coming your way, plus adventures with Sage (my dear little dog and the light of my life).


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