My Life

Hello, goodbye


Me and Noelle on New Year’s Eve

2015 was a rollercoaster of a year. I’ve chosen to reflect on it by looking at the highs and lows – let’s get the lows out of the way.


  • I worked for two different small businesses whose pay was either meager or inconsistent.
  • Numerous mental health struggles for both myself and my loved ones.
  • I was unable to fully enjoy my annual backpacking trip to the Wind River mountains because I was in the middle of particularly brutal depressive episode. (But I’m doing better lately!)
  • The Mormon church changed their policy regarding same-sex couples, moving in the opposition direction they should be going.
  • I left the familiarity of my job with adults with special needs after becoming totally burnt out.
  • My move to Salt Lake was very stressful.
  • Islamophobia became more common, especially in western media.
  • I ended my longest romantic relationship. (It lasted 3.5 years.)



  • Gay marriage became legal in all 50 states.
  • My family vacation to Germany.
  • Breakthroughs in therapy, including my (not-yet official) diagnosis of the inattentive subset of ADD.
  • I became a CNA. (I’m not planning to go back to work as a caregiver any time soon, but it’s useful knowledge regardless.)
  • I am more accepting of my body now than any other time of my life (at least since I was a young child).
  • I adopted my best friend (my mini Australian shepherd) six months ago today.
  • Many of my favorite musicians (Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie, Bright Eyes) released solid albums, and I discovered new favorites (Alt-J, Bombay Bicycle Club, Purity Ring).
  • I saw Death Cab in concert for the fifth time.
  • My official resignation from the Mormon church.
  • My new job! I look forward to going into work, I get along with my coworkers, and I feel respected and valued by my superiors.
  • I gained new friends (and showed appreciate for old ones) that are positive influences.
  • I am proud of the courage it took to change everything about my life – living on my own in a new place, with a new job, new people, and simply dating myself for the foreseeable future.

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