Ace & Jig Spring 2018






This joyful collection was inspired by mid-century abstract expressionist Anne Ryan.

My Life

Super Moon for a New Year


(Tonight’s super moon was photographed using my newest telephoto lens.)

Allow me to jump on the bandwagon of posts saying good riddance to 2017.  Certainly, I am ending this year in a much better place than where I began… but there were so many low points along the way.  This blog has been pushed aside amidst my hard evaluation of personal priorities.  I’m continuing to create art and build my wardrobe, but have felt reluctant to document it online.  Honestly, I felt it was a waste of precious energy.  I can’t promise that I’ll post more in 2018, but I did want to share some updates.

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Art as therapy




I’m getting back into weaving! It’s a medium that I find particularly meditative. I made this piece a few days ago and hung it below a lovely original print by my friend Megan. I haven’t been on Facebook or Instagram for over a week – for the good of my mental health, I’m planning to stay away for quite awhile – so I’m trying to fill my days with more positive things. Here’s hoping this motivation lasts! Depression is a bitch.

My Life

Staying sane


Well, I’m venturing into more embroidery – just selling via Instagram for now, and eventually on Etsy.  It’s a good way to get in a relaxed state amidst this chaotic climate of waking up each morning to the fresh hell of “WTF did Trump do this time?”  I’m trying to stay woke and involved without completely losing it.  I’m marching, reading, attending meetings, but also going to therapy every other week and being careful and intentional about my social media and news consumption.  For any of you feeling similarly, here are a few helpful links:


Outfit of the Day

January 7th


Rust turtleneck from Nordstrom Rack, vintage floral dress from Knook and Cranny, backpack from Target, Doc Martens and coat are hand-me-downs


“Espresso” lip color from LipSense, necklace from Kohl’s

Creative layering brought to you by WINTER and reading a lot of Man Repeller lately. I bought 3 turtlenecks last winter but now I own 6 and I regret nothing! This is what I wore grocery shopping (almost exclusively at Trader Joe’s now that I live downtown because it’s the most pleasant shopping experience you could ever ask for while staying under budget!) then up to Park City for dinner at Squatter’s and a fantastic lecture by Van Jones on criminal justice reform.

Shout outs to the magic that is LipSense (from local seller Kiss It With Kels) and the adorable vintage sellers at Knook and Cranny. These were my favorite Christmas gifts. ❤


Fendi Pre-Fall 2017





My heart hand embroidery had such a positive response on social media that I sold a bunch of them as Christmas presents and donated all $315 I raised to the International Rescue Committee! So I’ve been plenty busy with that in December.

Now, feast your eyes on these quality moments of layering and embellishment in Fendi’s latest collection.